Lana Gealen

Lana, Captain of the Pursuit of Pleasure.


Capt lana


Turn Ons: Strong men who like it a little rough.

Turn Offs: Men who whine or have to control everything.

Guilty pleasure? Bubble baths.

Fav. Music: Anything slow and seductive.

Fav. Drink: Naboo Sunrise, (AKA Fuzzy Navel)

Fav. Food: Finger foods

Fav. Color: Green

First Kiss: See first love.

First Love: The boy next door. He was a few years older. Taught me a thing or two :)

Dream Superpower: Mind Control.

Dream job: I have it. (Captain of my own ship!)

Hidden talent: Come see me later and I will show you.:)

What would you do with 1,000 Credits? Buy new cloths.

How about 1,000,000c? Buy a new ship!

Lana Gealen

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