The Zeltron Connection

Day 8 Coruscant Time Index 8172011

The journey back took time, loaded with treasure as they were. A few mynock got in their way and paid for it with thier lives. As they neared the opening of the Fissures Barin asked if they should split up. The Zeltron Sisters had quite a reputation and followers. If the were to leave empty handed but return to Point Nadir with armloads of treasure they would definately attract the rifraf the wandered the streets.

After some debate they decided that there was saftey in numbers, and as they approached a settled cavern, they noticed that although the cooking fires were burning it was dreadfully still. That was when three more Sable Dawn thugs jumped the girls, using auto fire to destroy them from range. Only Lana, who had been blinded by the mining droids on the way into the mines, seemed to be able to hit their attackers with Barin’s guidance. Then Barin seemed to be choked from some unknown source, but once all three dawn thugs were killed he was still choking.

A Sable Dawn Leutenant was hiding in the shadows using his foul force powers to slowly kill Barin. He used the purple lighting on Annya and proceded to run circles aound the group taking shots as he went. The girls worked fast as a team and cut short his sprinting attacks and finally brought him down as well.

The peace keeping Epsis watched then reported that all was well and offerd the group a ride to theri ship. A small finders fee, or export tax was arranged for their gains and after another night of perty with the Epsis’s men the girls took Barin back to Tatooine to collect their reward.

Prello the Hutt was overjoyed to see her favorite aquirer returned safe and sound. She offered the girls her agreeed upon reward of 1,500c each and some extra for incadental costs involved to his return. They regretted that they did not “see” the Fell Star, (out of Emeri’s pocket) but Barin said that after some rest and time to gather another group he would return to find it, and maintain his reputation.

Prello offered the girls steady employment, after promising that there would be no more Sable Dawn to worry about. The Sisters agreeed and a beautiful career was born on the dusty streets of Tatooine…


Day 7 Couruscant Time Index 8162011

The mines are cold and dark, Barin seems to know the way, and says that the mines are “off limits” and their presence, if discovered, will be cause for death, but he tells that the mines are also rarely ever patrolled. They find some old mining droids that probably due to new progaming, will attack anyone in the mines. Somone also welded a box over their deactivation switches to prevent easy access. During the battle one of the droid’s plasma jets scorched Lana causing her to go blind. Annya says that a little bacta therapy should return her sight. Barin offers to guide Lana because he can’t shoot straight into combat. Lana didn’t seem to mind hangin on Emeri’s man for a while.

Other caverns held some acid spitting, cave spiders and some comet mynok. Eal viewed the mynok as a personal attack (and a threat to her ship) and stayed behind to destroy every single one of them.

Hours later Barin seems to find the proper side cave and the group begins searching. The sisters keep Barin out of the cave to watch their disabled sister Lana.
They discover a camoflauged, cargo container. Inside are multiple casks being guarded by two mumified humans locked in a struggle, with a seven pointed star, bearing five blue gems, dangling from their mummified hands. 214px fell star sv
Afraid that the mummys may magically animate and attack them if they touch the (rummored Force Talisman) the Fell Star. Eal and Annya put their pistols to the heads of the mummys while Emeri, on the count of three, yanks the amulet free, while the other sisters blast the mummy guardians just to be sure.

Emeri quickly pocketed the Fell Star necklace and Persuaded Barin that it was not there when it was opened. For hours Barin scoured the cargo crate and each and every hermetically sealed cask for the amulet. The sisters add up the costs of the casks and find Old Republic gold and silver bullion, and Premium Corellian Wiskey worth 20,000 credits.
With no repulsorlift to move the cargo crate, they can only comfortably carry just a few bars or bottles each. leaving a great deal of treasure behind.
Eal has a great idea to collect the disabled and damaged minning droids to carry more for them. After a few more hours of droid repairs and reprograming they manage to slowly, cart out all of the casks full of treasure, and make their way back into Port Nadir.

Day 6 Couruscant Time Index 822011

The girls rush to the Fissures to help Barin, and find the rather nice apartments to be heavly guraded and reinforced. Lana and Emeri try to convinse the front door guards to contact Barin/Ely Saphella or let them in while Annya and Eal try the back door.

The back doors are an airlock style (the outer door in must close for the other inner door to open.) After picking the first door a group of brown coat Sable Dawn approach to intercept the women. They frantically enter and try to pick the inner door which draws the attention of the Evad Court guard. The girls at the front door are easily repulsed by the trained guards and mention that Sable Dawn thugs are waiting out front. Lana begins blasting at the inner doors, and the guards attempt to poison the women with a sleep toxin, Lana and Emeri whip out breath masks, Then the Evad guards switch to a flamable gas.

All the women manage to enter and find Barin’s room. Emeri and Annya go to collect him while Eal and Lana hold off the guard, and Force using thugs. Barin is hiding behind his nightstand and appears glad to see his pretty saviors, but then produces a holdout pistol and mid hug blasts Emeri, greatly angering her. Barin was unaware that Sable Dawn owned the safe houses in the fissures, and only the mention of his boss, Prello the Hutt, made him see reason.

After the combat the girls collect a few cred chips, many blaster pistols, and 7 expensive, finley woven, armored suits. They go back to the ship, patch themselves up go out drinking, and parting late, then return to the ship with some off duty Epsis protectors for the evening.
The next morning after checking some slow loss credit account hacks that, Emeri had running, she recovers enough money to pay off the debt for the Pursuit of Pleasure entirely.
The excess supplies are sold off and 2000c are split for the girls to spend, before following Barin into the Mines to recover the Treasure that Prello sent him out to get in the first place.

Day 5 Couroscant Time Index 7262011

The next morning the sisters leave Tatooine for an unknown mysterious location. Emeri did her work well and plotted course for an empty area of space. They figure that the course they set shaved the time by 6 hours. Once on site, a large comet approaches the outer limits of sensor range. The shadow port of Point Nadir is found and after ignoring repeated hails, a flight of oddly mixed fighter jets out to intercept the Persuit of Pleasure. After an hour of waiting while port authority verified the ship’s registry and the sister’s background, the girls offered Prello the Hutts name to gain access.

They make inquiries and find the bay holing the Mad Line. In the pristine bay in the Slips, they enter the Mad Line and find the Captain dead. Annya tells he died from choking, his windpipe crushed, but with no exterior brusing. The ship records show the only passenger to be a Balosar named Ely Saphella.

During a shopping spree Eal finds an expensive, micronized, compensator array that literally just “called to her”. (Actually a subtle voice modulation from 93Ds vocabulator.) The others found some cloths, upon leaving the stores the Epsis peacekeeping forces, take them in for questioning about the body they found.

The Epsis boss, a duros named Puzell, tells that he knows that the women did not kill the Ship’s captain, but that their Balosar friend is staying at a safe house called Evad’s Court. Evad’s Court is owed by Sable Dawn, and any trouble that the girls can bring to Sable Dawn, without creating open warfare in the streets, will make the Epsis happy. He also thinks that hidding from them directly under their nose will not last long, then neither will Barin.

Day 4 Courscant Time Index 7192011

Upon arriving at Olev’s the sisters notice a dark, enclosed, speeder facing the front door to his dwelling. After hearing a struggle going on inside, Emeri sneaks around the back to check on the back door, while the others call out for their boyfriend Olev, blasters ready.

Eal leans against the door listening and calling/purring for her frined to open the door. The door is flung open and Eal pulled inside. She is held tightly (which she enjoys) by a human in a brown suit. The other sisters rush in and are held at gun point. He and his partner are looking for Barin, but the girls don’t know anything. Eal grinds into her captor and purrs that she is willing to “work something out.”

The other man in brown focuses all his attention on Lana which causes a headache. This man tells the other that they don’t know anything. Annya guesses (out loud) that they might be evil jedi. Emeri gains entrance into the house, just as Eal’s captor releases her, and launches a bolt of purple lightning at Lana. She is schorched badly but her sisters answer with a hail of blaster fire. Annya grabs a maximim strength tranquilizer from her med kit, and liberally doses the thug that used the force lightning. The men in brown suits fall and the speeder down the street pulls away to saftey.

The sisters regroup and Annya applies med-packs to Lana and Olev, who is badly beaten. He tells the others that the men were from an oganization called Sable Dawn. A ruthless criminal cartel, obviously with force capable members. Olav always knew cousin Barin would bring trouble to his door. Olav does not know where his cousin is but has a code cylinder, left by Barin, that is a key to a locker at Kie’s Storage, and the name Cel N’ero, a business partner from the Woodoo Dunes Cantina.

At the storage locker 3 more Sable Dawn thugs attempt to stop the sisters, and after Eneri makes a mad dash for the locker, while Lana, Eal, and Annya drop two, the last thug makes a hasty get away. In the locker is a single datapad with a single word on it “Nadir” and some hyperspace coordinates.

Then its off to Woodoo, to do that voodoo that they do so well! The sisters arrive in less than healthy condition from the fight with the Sable dawn thugs, and fit right in with the customers. One Weequay got too frisky and Annya mixes a tranqulizer to let him rest in a corner.
They find the twilek N’ero, and while the 3 sisters distract the bar patrons with their table dancing, Lana more than “pays” for the info from the twilek, in his speeder in the ally ouside.
Annya takes home a man’s shirt, and many com. frequencys. They also learn, from Lana that Barin wanted off world fast, and that 12 hours ago N’ero gave him the name of Capt. Phellip of the Mad Line, a passenger freighter. They go back to the ship to rest before leaving for the coordinates on the datapad.

Day 3 Coruscant Time Index 7122011

After a few micro jumps away from system and a short layover on Ryloth, they return to Tatooine (Mos Eisley this time) with cargo of Ryll spice. They tranfer it to a jumpy Rodian, working for Jabba and recieve fair payment as arranged.
Then an Arkanian woman enters the bay and provides a job offer tot he group. Her Boss Prello wants to meet with them. The Sisters decide to go see if it is worth it and encounter a rather strange Hutt.

Meanwhile, Eal (the ship’s mechanic)stayed to fine tune and clean her new “baby” and found a very subtle fire control console under a false panel. She traced the wireing through out the ship and after an hour of removing floor boards, panels, and crawling into the service ducts she found a very concealed BlasTech Ax-108 “Ground Buzzer” surface-defense blaster cannon with a range of 50 meters. This discovery instantly upgraded her “baby” to her “Lover” Eal just loves “HER” ship!

The others meet with Prello the Hutt, who affects a femenine persona, with jewlery and eye makeup. She opens the door herself, speaks standard, serves her guests food and drink herself and makes them comfortable, all with no servants or slaves. She is kind, generous, and simply wishes the zeltron sisters to search for a missing employee.

Barin Trevina is a treasure hunter working for her, he went missing a week ago after revealing to Prello that he had found an item known as the Fell Star.
The sisters agree and after offering a reward of 1500c each for Barin’s safe return, and an additional 1500c for the Fell Star, Prello tells of a cousin of Barin’s, named Olav, that may have more recent info about him.

Day 2 Coruscant time index 752011

The sisters take their brothers Zarian, a bureaucrat and Rhyce, the youngest, still in school, on a test run of their new ship, to Corellia for a three day celebration.

Upon returning home to Zeltors with their brothers they are mistakenly given a cargo of 30mt of Jehltekk Enhancer Valves to be delivered to Tatooine. Research finds that a similar vessell, named the Blood Bolt, was to tranport the supplies, but it did not show up to claim them.

The Pursuit of Pleasure, runs the goods to Tatooine, to Mos Espa and meets with a Bothan, who wants a night drop at his speeder shop in town.

Imperial troops enter and inspect the cargo, find nothing wrong, clear it for transport, and leave.
They seem to be keeping an eye on the Zeltrons, but who isn’t…

Cargo is delivered to the Bothan and Imps show up and begin fireing at Pursuit of Pleasure. An accidental turn of the ship causes the engines to wash over the troops and the Zeltrons escape to orbit and hyperspace.

Day 1 Coruscant Time index 6282011

The Zeltron sisters find a ship they really like and can afford thanks to little sis Anya’s sudden influx of credits. Lana is oldest and so opts to place her name on the titles as Captain and pilot. Emeri has a head for numbers, computers and astroagion, as well as some credits in savings, so she gets the co-pilot chair, while Ealassid pitches in to keep her well used “BABY” a Kazellis Light Freighter, flying.

The sisters spent a few hours applying their charms and skills to talk the loan broker, a Bith named *Doikk *, down to a total cost of 24,500c
a downpayment of 14,000c were delivered, and a monthly payments of 1000c accepted,
The name “Pursuit of Pleasure” is granted to the vessel and their adventurous life begins.


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