Emeri S'kara

Computer tech and Astrogator for the "Pursuit of Pleasure"


Emeri merge


Turn Ons: Dark Heroes

Turn Offs: Petty, Greedy people

Guilty pleasure: Is known to only a few, select Intimate aquaintences.

Fav. Music: Meaningful lyrics, or haunting, intricate instrumentals.

Fav. Drink: Corellian Brandy.

Fav. Food: Crustaceous seafood, Dark Trammistian Coco.

Fav. Color: Any color of the night sky, with a metalic sheen

First Loss: Neebit was an interactive program (Faux AI) I accidentally discovered while learning to hack. He dissapeared, either errased or security protocals tightened past anything I could access.

First Kiss: Rashan, My sister stole him. It’s alright really, I actually had a huge crush on my brother’s friend Maurik, who was several years older.

First Love: “Champions of Corellia!” Holovids. So full of action, adventure, romance. It was the inspiration for her desire to own a vessel, travel, and see the galaxy.

Dream Superpower: Telepathy. Perfect unlimited communication as desired.

Dream Job: Holovid Writer / Producer, complete with a Holo Generated Image studio.

Hidden Talent: Unknown even to me.?

What would you do with 1,000 Credits? Buy a micro computer.

How about 1,000,000c ? Upgrade and payoff the ship, buy a new top of the line astromech Droid, buy luxury foodstuffs, and furnishings.

Emeri S'kara

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