Ealassaid (Eal) S'kara

Mechanic for the "Pursuit of Pleasure"


Eal mechanic shrink 60


Turn Ons: A man who is good with his hands.

Turn Offs: A man who ignores his responsibilities.

Guilty Pleasure: Reading a Horror Novel while taking a bubble bath.

Fav. Music: Anything with a livley beat.

Fav. Drink: Sullustan Coco Shots, with citris.

Fav. Food: Haven’t met a dish I didn’t like.

Fav. Color: Purple, or Grey and Black

First Loss: 16 years old, after school, with the teacher’s Aid named Grant… I got an A for effort.

First Kiss: Same day.

First Love: Pursuit of Pleasure. Both the ship and the action.

Dream Superpower: Duplication. Cause there are just some days where I need more the one of me.

Dream Job: Owning a ship with my sisters and working on it… Oh wait I already have my dream job!

Hidden Talent: Which one?

What would you do with 1,000 Credits? Stopping shaking Annya down for credits.

How about 1,000,000c ? Pay Annya back.

Ealassaid (Eal) S'kara

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