Annya Gaelen

Medic onboard the "Pursuit of Pleasure"


Doc annya


Turn Ons: Ewoks

Turn Offs: Haven’t found one yet

Guilty pleasure? Fildo the Ewok

Fav. Music: Stripper music

Fav. Drink: Anything with an umbrella in it. Cause Umbrella’s make it all the better.

Fav. Food: Very spicy, Just like me.

Fav. Color: Mine… Oh sorry that would be red.

First Loss: I was 13 years old and my evil sister Eal turned me upside down and shook all the credit chips out of my pockets.

First Kiss: Eal then gently cupped my face and kissed me passionately and said “Thanks.” (best kiss so far!)

First Love: Credits

Dream Superpower: Make Credits grow on trees.

Dream Job: One that makes tons of credits, like being a doctor!… wait… Crap wrong profession!

Hidden talent: I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

What would you do with 1,000 Credits? What credits?! Eal keeps taking all my credits!

How about 1,000,000c ? What makes you think I’d ever get to see it?! Why must you torment me so! (runs off crying)

Annya Gaelen

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