The Zeltron Connection

Day 8 Coruscant Time Index 8172011

The journey back took time, loaded with treasure as they were. A few mynock got in their way and paid for it with thier lives. As they neared the opening of the Fissures Barin asked if they should split up. The Zeltron Sisters had quite a reputation and followers. If the were to leave empty handed but return to Point Nadir with armloads of treasure they would definately attract the rifraf the wandered the streets.

After some debate they decided that there was saftey in numbers, and as they approached a settled cavern, they noticed that although the cooking fires were burning it was dreadfully still. That was when three more Sable Dawn thugs jumped the girls, using auto fire to destroy them from range. Only Lana, who had been blinded by the mining droids on the way into the mines, seemed to be able to hit their attackers with Barin’s guidance. Then Barin seemed to be choked from some unknown source, but once all three dawn thugs were killed he was still choking.

A Sable Dawn Leutenant was hiding in the shadows using his foul force powers to slowly kill Barin. He used the purple lighting on Annya and proceded to run circles aound the group taking shots as he went. The girls worked fast as a team and cut short his sprinting attacks and finally brought him down as well.

The peace keeping Epsis watched then reported that all was well and offerd the group a ride to theri ship. A small finders fee, or export tax was arranged for their gains and after another night of perty with the Epsis’s men the girls took Barin back to Tatooine to collect their reward.

Prello the Hutt was overjoyed to see her favorite aquirer returned safe and sound. She offered the girls her agreeed upon reward of 1,500c each and some extra for incadental costs involved to his return. They regretted that they did not “see” the Fell Star, (out of Emeri’s pocket) but Barin said that after some rest and time to gather another group he would return to find it, and maintain his reputation.

Prello offered the girls steady employment, after promising that there would be no more Sable Dawn to worry about. The Sisters agreeed and a beautiful career was born on the dusty streets of Tatooine…




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