The Zeltron Connection

Day 7 Couruscant Time Index 8162011

The mines are cold and dark, Barin seems to know the way, and says that the mines are “off limits” and their presence, if discovered, will be cause for death, but he tells that the mines are also rarely ever patrolled. They find some old mining droids that probably due to new progaming, will attack anyone in the mines. Somone also welded a box over their deactivation switches to prevent easy access. During the battle one of the droid’s plasma jets scorched Lana causing her to go blind. Annya says that a little bacta therapy should return her sight. Barin offers to guide Lana because he can’t shoot straight into combat. Lana didn’t seem to mind hangin on Emeri’s man for a while.

Other caverns held some acid spitting, cave spiders and some comet mynok. Eal viewed the mynok as a personal attack (and a threat to her ship) and stayed behind to destroy every single one of them.

Hours later Barin seems to find the proper side cave and the group begins searching. The sisters keep Barin out of the cave to watch their disabled sister Lana.
They discover a camoflauged, cargo container. Inside are multiple casks being guarded by two mumified humans locked in a struggle, with a seven pointed star, bearing five blue gems, dangling from their mummified hands. 214px fell star sv
Afraid that the mummys may magically animate and attack them if they touch the (rummored Force Talisman) the Fell Star. Eal and Annya put their pistols to the heads of the mummys while Emeri, on the count of three, yanks the amulet free, while the other sisters blast the mummy guardians just to be sure.

Emeri quickly pocketed the Fell Star necklace and Persuaded Barin that it was not there when it was opened. For hours Barin scoured the cargo crate and each and every hermetically sealed cask for the amulet. The sisters add up the costs of the casks and find Old Republic gold and silver bullion, and Premium Corellian Wiskey worth 20,000 credits.
With no repulsorlift to move the cargo crate, they can only comfortably carry just a few bars or bottles each. leaving a great deal of treasure behind.
Eal has a great idea to collect the disabled and damaged minning droids to carry more for them. After a few more hours of droid repairs and reprograming they manage to slowly, cart out all of the casks full of treasure, and make their way back into Port Nadir.



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