The Zeltron Connection

Day 6 Couruscant Time Index 822011

The girls rush to the Fissures to help Barin, and find the rather nice apartments to be heavly guraded and reinforced. Lana and Emeri try to convinse the front door guards to contact Barin/Ely Saphella or let them in while Annya and Eal try the back door.

The back doors are an airlock style (the outer door in must close for the other inner door to open.) After picking the first door a group of brown coat Sable Dawn approach to intercept the women. They frantically enter and try to pick the inner door which draws the attention of the Evad Court guard. The girls at the front door are easily repulsed by the trained guards and mention that Sable Dawn thugs are waiting out front. Lana begins blasting at the inner doors, and the guards attempt to poison the women with a sleep toxin, Lana and Emeri whip out breath masks, Then the Evad guards switch to a flamable gas.

All the women manage to enter and find Barin’s room. Emeri and Annya go to collect him while Eal and Lana hold off the guard, and Force using thugs. Barin is hiding behind his nightstand and appears glad to see his pretty saviors, but then produces a holdout pistol and mid hug blasts Emeri, greatly angering her. Barin was unaware that Sable Dawn owned the safe houses in the fissures, and only the mention of his boss, Prello the Hutt, made him see reason.

After the combat the girls collect a few cred chips, many blaster pistols, and 7 expensive, finley woven, armored suits. They go back to the ship, patch themselves up go out drinking, and parting late, then return to the ship with some off duty Epsis protectors for the evening.
The next morning after checking some slow loss credit account hacks that, Emeri had running, she recovers enough money to pay off the debt for the Pursuit of Pleasure entirely.
The excess supplies are sold off and 2000c are split for the girls to spend, before following Barin into the Mines to recover the Treasure that Prello sent him out to get in the first place.



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