The Zeltron Connection

Day 5 Couroscant Time Index 7262011

The next morning the sisters leave Tatooine for an unknown mysterious location. Emeri did her work well and plotted course for an empty area of space. They figure that the course they set shaved the time by 6 hours. Once on site, a large comet approaches the outer limits of sensor range. The shadow port of Point Nadir is found and after ignoring repeated hails, a flight of oddly mixed fighter jets out to intercept the Persuit of Pleasure. After an hour of waiting while port authority verified the ship’s registry and the sister’s background, the girls offered Prello the Hutts name to gain access.

They make inquiries and find the bay holing the Mad Line. In the pristine bay in the Slips, they enter the Mad Line and find the Captain dead. Annya tells he died from choking, his windpipe crushed, but with no exterior brusing. The ship records show the only passenger to be a Balosar named Ely Saphella.

During a shopping spree Eal finds an expensive, micronized, compensator array that literally just “called to her”. (Actually a subtle voice modulation from 93Ds vocabulator.) The others found some cloths, upon leaving the stores the Epsis peacekeeping forces, take them in for questioning about the body they found.

The Epsis boss, a duros named Puzell, tells that he knows that the women did not kill the Ship’s captain, but that their Balosar friend is staying at a safe house called Evad’s Court. Evad’s Court is owed by Sable Dawn, and any trouble that the girls can bring to Sable Dawn, without creating open warfare in the streets, will make the Epsis happy. He also thinks that hidding from them directly under their nose will not last long, then neither will Barin.



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