The Zeltron Connection

Day 4 Courscant Time Index 7192011

Upon arriving at Olev’s the sisters notice a dark, enclosed, speeder facing the front door to his dwelling. After hearing a struggle going on inside, Emeri sneaks around the back to check on the back door, while the others call out for their boyfriend Olev, blasters ready.

Eal leans against the door listening and calling/purring for her frined to open the door. The door is flung open and Eal pulled inside. She is held tightly (which she enjoys) by a human in a brown suit. The other sisters rush in and are held at gun point. He and his partner are looking for Barin, but the girls don’t know anything. Eal grinds into her captor and purrs that she is willing to “work something out.”

The other man in brown focuses all his attention on Lana which causes a headache. This man tells the other that they don’t know anything. Annya guesses (out loud) that they might be evil jedi. Emeri gains entrance into the house, just as Eal’s captor releases her, and launches a bolt of purple lightning at Lana. She is schorched badly but her sisters answer with a hail of blaster fire. Annya grabs a maximim strength tranquilizer from her med kit, and liberally doses the thug that used the force lightning. The men in brown suits fall and the speeder down the street pulls away to saftey.

The sisters regroup and Annya applies med-packs to Lana and Olev, who is badly beaten. He tells the others that the men were from an oganization called Sable Dawn. A ruthless criminal cartel, obviously with force capable members. Olav always knew cousin Barin would bring trouble to his door. Olav does not know where his cousin is but has a code cylinder, left by Barin, that is a key to a locker at Kie’s Storage, and the name Cel N’ero, a business partner from the Woodoo Dunes Cantina.

At the storage locker 3 more Sable Dawn thugs attempt to stop the sisters, and after Eneri makes a mad dash for the locker, while Lana, Eal, and Annya drop two, the last thug makes a hasty get away. In the locker is a single datapad with a single word on it “Nadir” and some hyperspace coordinates.

Then its off to Woodoo, to do that voodoo that they do so well! The sisters arrive in less than healthy condition from the fight with the Sable dawn thugs, and fit right in with the customers. One Weequay got too frisky and Annya mixes a tranqulizer to let him rest in a corner.
They find the twilek N’ero, and while the 3 sisters distract the bar patrons with their table dancing, Lana more than “pays” for the info from the twilek, in his speeder in the ally ouside.
Annya takes home a man’s shirt, and many com. frequencys. They also learn, from Lana that Barin wanted off world fast, and that 12 hours ago N’ero gave him the name of Capt. Phellip of the Mad Line, a passenger freighter. They go back to the ship to rest before leaving for the coordinates on the datapad.



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