The Zeltron Connection

Day 3 Coruscant Time Index 7122011

After a few micro jumps away from system and a short layover on Ryloth, they return to Tatooine (Mos Eisley this time) with cargo of Ryll spice. They tranfer it to a jumpy Rodian, working for Jabba and recieve fair payment as arranged.
Then an Arkanian woman enters the bay and provides a job offer tot he group. Her Boss Prello wants to meet with them. The Sisters decide to go see if it is worth it and encounter a rather strange Hutt.

Meanwhile, Eal (the ship’s mechanic)stayed to fine tune and clean her new “baby” and found a very subtle fire control console under a false panel. She traced the wireing through out the ship and after an hour of removing floor boards, panels, and crawling into the service ducts she found a very concealed BlasTech Ax-108 “Ground Buzzer” surface-defense blaster cannon with a range of 50 meters. This discovery instantly upgraded her “baby” to her “Lover” Eal just loves “HER” ship!

The others meet with Prello the Hutt, who affects a femenine persona, with jewlery and eye makeup. She opens the door herself, speaks standard, serves her guests food and drink herself and makes them comfortable, all with no servants or slaves. She is kind, generous, and simply wishes the zeltron sisters to search for a missing employee.

Barin Trevina is a treasure hunter working for her, he went missing a week ago after revealing to Prello that he had found an item known as the Fell Star.
The sisters agree and after offering a reward of 1500c each for Barin’s safe return, and an additional 1500c for the Fell Star, Prello tells of a cousin of Barin’s, named Olav, that may have more recent info about him.



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