The Zeltron Connection

Day 2 Coruscant time index 752011

The sisters take their brothers Zarian, a bureaucrat and Rhyce, the youngest, still in school, on a test run of their new ship, to Corellia for a three day celebration.

Upon returning home to Zeltors with their brothers they are mistakenly given a cargo of 30mt of Jehltekk Enhancer Valves to be delivered to Tatooine. Research finds that a similar vessell, named the Blood Bolt, was to tranport the supplies, but it did not show up to claim them.

The Pursuit of Pleasure, runs the goods to Tatooine, to Mos Espa and meets with a Bothan, who wants a night drop at his speeder shop in town.

Imperial troops enter and inspect the cargo, find nothing wrong, clear it for transport, and leave.
They seem to be keeping an eye on the Zeltrons, but who isn’t…

Cargo is delivered to the Bothan and Imps show up and begin fireing at Pursuit of Pleasure. An accidental turn of the ship causes the engines to wash over the troops and the Zeltrons escape to orbit and hyperspace.



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