The Zeltron Connection

Day 1 Coruscant Time index 6282011

The Zeltron sisters find a ship they really like and can afford thanks to little sis Anya’s sudden influx of credits. Lana is oldest and so opts to place her name on the titles as Captain and pilot. Emeri has a head for numbers, computers and astroagion, as well as some credits in savings, so she gets the co-pilot chair, while Ealassid pitches in to keep her well used “BABY” a Kazellis Light Freighter, flying.

The sisters spent a few hours applying their charms and skills to talk the loan broker, a Bith named *Doikk *, down to a total cost of 24,500c
a downpayment of 14,000c were delivered, and a monthly payments of 1000c accepted,
The name “Pursuit of Pleasure” is granted to the vessel and their adventurous life begins.



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